What’s On: 4th of May, 2017

Today’s lineup:

  • Prerecorded Interview: M.E.T Producer Jayden caught up with local Muay Thai fighter Brandon Kingston to talk about how he balances his Muay Thai career and his Electrical Power engineering degree.
  • Prerecorded Interview: M.E.T Journo Nelson Clegg spoke with Andrew Thompson from Around the Sounds, about how training and education can help aspiring musicians progress their careers.
  • Live Interview: Jessica Gill is coming into the studio to talk about Murdoch’s MentorMe program. A program that guides and helps first-year students.
  • Science Fact of the Week: Fiona talks science!
  • Movie Review: This week Fiona review’s the new release Guardians of the Galaxy 2!

Listen in for these segments and a bunch of great tunes!

It’s gonna be a good one! Tune into the South Signal, M.E.T FM!

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