The History of Campus Radio at Murdoch!

Did you know that Murdoch has had a student radio station for almost 20 years? Our music coordinator Ben Da Cruz talked to Leo Murray about the history of Murdoch Campus Radio and how it was started. Together they compare the differences between then and now, and also talk about any similarities. After going through many iterations Murdoch Campus Radio is has reached where we are today with M.E.T fm.

In 2002, 15 years ago, Leo recorded and mixed the Top of the Dial CD. The idea behind it was that the artists that came in for an interview on Murdoch Campus Radio would go record a stripped back acoustic track afterwards at the studio down the hall. It’s interesting to see how almost 15 years later M.E.T fm is, in a way continuing this tradition with M.E.Tlive. Rather than have the bands record a track, we have them perform a live set which is live streamed then come back and have an interview later that week.

Listen to Ben’s piece here:


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