Teaching via Virtual Reality

Our Reporter Ash Tempra has been looking into the world of Virtual Reality. Specifically the use of VR to teach, teachers. He went and talked to Dr Susan Ledger about a piece of VR tech called TeachLivE from the University of Central Florida. This is the first time the technology will be used in Australia. The technology is designed to give pre-service teachers (students taking a teaching course) the opportunity to test their methods in front of a virtual classroom.

Inside the TeachLivE virtual classroom, the pre-service teachers interact with virtual students with there own individual personalities and teach like they would in a normal classroom.

From the TeachLivE website:

“In the TLE TeachLivE™ Lab, pre-service and in-service teachers walk into a room where everything looks like a middle- or high-school classroom including props, whiteboards, and of course, children. However, unlike the brick and mortar setting, the lab is a virtual setting and the students in the classroom are avatars. The virtual students may act like typically developing or not typically developing students, depending on the objectives of the experience.”

After they teach the virtual class students can review how they went. This allows students to hone in and develop their skills before they begin their careers as teachers. The tech is always being updated and a new version with more features will be available soon.

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