Planet Broadcasting!

M.E.T Presenter Scott sat down and talked with Claire and James from Planet Broadcasting about who they are and what they do.
Here’s a bit about Planet Broadcasting:
In September of 2013, James Clement, known only as MrSundayMovies uploaded episode #1 of the Weekly Planet online. Now, the juggernaut movie, comic book, TV show and very occasionally video game podcast is the helm of an entire network of podcasts called Planet Broadcasting. 
James Clement as runs a Youtube channel under the name MrSundayMovies. On the channel, he reviews movies, does trailer breakdowns, talks about deleted scenes and more! His channel has over 740,000 subscribers and he uploads a few videos a week!

If you’re interested in Podcasts check out Planet Broadcasting website and listen to some of the shows available. The podcasts usually get a new episode every week and often absolutely hilarious.



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