Native ARC: Helping our native animals!

Here in Australia, we have many unique native animals. For instance, the Quendas that live around the Murdoch Uni Campus. However, we don’t really hear much about what happens when native animals are injured or in need of care. Native ARC is a non-profit organisation, based in Bibra Lake, that provides medical care and rehabilitation services for native wild life.

Native ARC which stands for Native Animal Rehabilitation Centre is a non-profit organisation based near Bibra Lake, that provides care and rehabilitation services for injured, sick or orphaned native animals. The centre is open 365 days a year and is run mostly by many volunteers who dedicate their time to helping the animals that they receive. They receive animals from a variety of places, including people from the community who have found the animals, vets, local councils, rangers and other wildlife centres.

Fiona talked Diane Munrowd, the manager of Native ARC and found out a little more about Native Arc and the animals they care for. Listen to her interview below.

If you want to get involved with Native ARC you can apply to volunteer on their website:


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