Fiona’s Back!

Fiona’s back on the mic today to keep our first week of broadcast going! Our Youtube page is now up and running and you can check out content from our past live streams as well as any other video content we’ve made. Speaking of the live streams, this week we are doing things a little differently. You can catch our live stream of Blind Opinion this Saturday (29/04/2017) at 7 pm AWST. It’s going to be a good one!

Today’s lineup:

  • Prerecorded Interview: Jayden interviewed Dr Andrew Lewis on a new assessment tool for mental health called PAPA and how he’s applying to his research project.
  • Movie Review: This week Fiona review the new release Ghost in a Shell!
  • WAM Song of the Year Awards: Nelson Clegg talked with Aarom Wilson WAM’s Marketing and Communications director about the Song of the Year competition and what it aims to achieve for the local art community.

Listen in for these segments and a bunch of great tunes!

It’s gonna be a good one! Tune into the South Signal, M.E.T FM!

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