Crash Bandicoot Review!

M.E.T Producer Ethan Kavanagh takes us back and review’s Crash Bandicoot on the ps1! He’s a little late to the party but we think it’s a necessary review, especially with the remastered version of the original coming out later this year. Find out how Ethan think’s the old is going to compare to the new in the piece below!

Here’s some info from the original games booklet, for those who aren’t on the Crash Bandicoot Bandwagon:

“Welcome to the lands down under! It’s safe to say you may not know much of the real estate around here, so we’ll bring you up to speed. For starters, there’s this creep named Dr. Neo Cortex who owns three of the nicest little islands just south of Australia. He’s up to some strange experiments on the local marsupials and other critters, and it doesn’t look good. He even had the nerve to mess with a bandicoot! Dr. Cortex up and altered the genes of Crash and now we have a perfectly good hero waiting for an opportunity to shine!” 

Long story short Crash was an experiment on a bandicoot by Dr. Neo Cortex. After Dr. Cortex modified Crash’s genes he thought he was a failure and ejected him from his lab. Little did he know Crash had formed a relationship with one of Cortex’s other experiments a bandicoot named Tawna. Being so far from his new love Crash is determined to save her from Cortex lab and live happily ever after!


Listen to Ethan’s piece here:


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