Artwalk Freo

The Artwalk Freo started in late 2014 when a group of Fremantle artists came up with the idea to open their studios and homes, to allow the community a chance to view all of their artwork and to learn more about the inspiration, thoughts and ideas that turn into art.

This weekend in Fremantle there’s an Artwalk which allows you to visit various studios of recognised WA artists. M.E.T fm Presenter Fiona talked with Trevor Richard, an artist who’s been exhibiting professionally for nearly 40 years, about the Artwalk and what it is. This year for the Artwalk he’s opening his studio for the public to see.

This year’s artists include Michael Knight, Trevor Richards, Ian de Souza, Eveline Kotai, Annette Seeman and John Teschendorff. Joining them will be guests Ron Nyisztor, Penny Coss, Penny Bovell and Adam Shand. You can find out more about Artwalk Freo here!

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